General rules & regulations:

Weight in starts at 8am until 9am. Late weigh in possible until 9:15.

Weigh-in IN GI, no belt needed. You can be overweight 500 grams. If you are to heavy you will be offered a fight in the higher weight class, which you may refuse. In that case it will be recorded a DQ.

The Gi can be any color, you may even mismatch colors. However the gi needs to be clean, not damaged and no ripstop for the jacket will be allowed. You may or may not wear a rashguard. For ladies a rashguard or fight brah is obviously needed.

No-Gi weight in in attire you compete in:
Man:               Shorts/Spats and/or rashguard (rashguard is not mandatory)
Ladies:           Shorts/Spats and rashguard or fight brah

After October 14th 12am, bracket change or cancellation is not possible anymore. If you cannot make it it will be recorded as “walkover”.

We use IBJJF rules. In case a match ends in a draw, first point scored wins the match.

We have a modified kids divisions (weight and age classes) and for Adult use the standard IBJJF categories. For all competition matches IBJJF rules are applied. Also for the absolute division.

For more information checkout the IBJJF Website